ACT Government info about Trees on private land.

O'Brien Tree Services Truck
O’Brien Tree Services Truck

Fallen trees and branches.

Contact 000 if a tree is causing an immediate threat to life.

If a tree located on private property drops branches onto public land or a neighbouring property, it is the responsibility of the tree owner to clean up.

Trees located on private property which drop branches or fall over on to public land (or a neighbouring property) are the responsibility of the tree owner to clean-up.


Fallen trees that have brought down power lines should be reported to Evoenergy on 131 093.

Fallen trees that have brought down telephone wires should be reported to Telstra on 13 22 03.


Emergency tree removals.

If your tree has become an immediate risk to life or property and you think that it needs to be removed urgently, please contact 13 22 81 and ask for ‘urgent circumstances authorisation’. Depending on the circumstances, an authorised officer will come and have a look at the tree and will be able to give you an on-the-spot approval. If necessary, you may be provided with an approval over the phone.

In an emergency situation, it is recommended that the tree surgeon undertaking the work make the request for the urgent circumstances approval.

Approval for a tree damaging activity.

Any activity which may cause damage to protected trees, such as tree removal, major pruning or groundwork within the Tree Protection Zone requires approval via the tree damaging activity form (Word 53KB).

Prior to submitting the application form please ensure the activity meets one more of the tree protection approval criteria and address these in your application. It might also be appropriate to include supporting documentation such as tree management plans or reports from experts. It is recommended that applications be supported by an arborist report and, in the case of major pruning, contain a pruning plan with information and/or a diagram that explains where pruning cuts are proposed. Applications relating to groundworks should include details of the works and their proximity to the tree/s, a tree survey (for more than one tree) and report by a qualified arborist that identifies the tree/s and how they are to be protected during the works.

O'Brien Tree Services Tree Lopping
O’Brien Tree Services Tree Lopping

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