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Looking for expert tree removal services? O’Brien’s Tree Services is here! Our team of skilled arborists offers top-notch tree-cutting and lopping services at budget-friendly rates. We recognize the significant impact of maintaining and preserving trees that contribute to the beauty of this town. That’s why our commitment extends to looking after trees, the environment, and the folks living in the vicinity. Get in touch with us for a thorough tree assessment, soil analysis, and customized solutions to achieve optimized services of tree removal Murrumbateman.

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At O’Brien’s Tree Services, we are your committed team of arborists dedicated to providing comprehensive tree care solutions in Murrumbateman and its surrounding areas. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Murrumbateman, a small town in New South Wales, Australia, is renowned for its oaks and vineyards that produce the finest wines. As dedicated arboriculturalists, we collaborate closely with local wineries and vineyards, ensuring the vitality and well-being of their trees and landscapes.

Our skilled professionals are here to attend to your requirements, be it tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, or powerline clearing. We understand the urgency of certain situations, which is why we also provide emergency tree service Murrumbateman. Trust us to deliver services like power line clearing, wood chipping, mulching, tree thinning, and a host of other solutions that meet your specific requirements. Get in contact with us without delay to access expert guidance and top-tier tree removal Murrumbateman.

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Our local tree service Murrumbateman includes the following:

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We are your go-to experts for immediate expert assistance for stump grinding, wood splitting, or tree removal Murrumbateman. Get in touch with us today to explore our range of services.

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Explore our collection of ‘Before and After’ images showcasing the transformation from wild overgrowth to impeccably groomed beauty. Experience firsthand the outcomes of selecting O’Brien’s Tree Service Murrumbateman for your tree care requirements.

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Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machinery, we can handle tree removal projects of any size swiftly and effectively.

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We are licensed professionals, and our services are fully insured, assuring you that with us, your property is in safe hands.

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In urgent situations, our rapid response team is available to address any immediate tree removal needs, safeguarding your property and your loved ones.


Susan BallSusan Ball
04:38 24 Jun 23
Brett and team - I just want to pass on how pleased Rob and I were with the work yesterday when u removed the very large tree in our backyard in Curtin. The team were so professional courteous, safe and cleaned up afterwards. For what has been a roller coaster of an emotional time , as we did not want to lose the tree but could not risk our our safety , your team made the whole experience so much nicer. I would recommend you to anyone who asks us! Cheers..
Leigh GLeigh G
09:48 07 Jun 23
Appreciate the team's work, thanks heaps for cleaning up my tree. Great to deal with, thank you.
Sarah BarnesSarah Barnes
10:14 02 Jun 23
The team from O’Briens Tree Service have done two large tree removal jobs for us. Both times they have been prompt and professional. I was really impressed with the huge amount of work they got completed in one day.The price was very reasonable for the size of the job.Very easy to deal with. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could.Will have them back for any future tree work and will recommend them to any family or friends looking for tree services.
Nick EvansNick Evans
11:27 29 May 23
O'Briens tree services removed a large tree in my backyard. I was able to get a quote and have the work done quickly and to a high standard. They were friendly, professional and communicated well about the job. Thanks!
Jennifer MillerJennifer Miller
22:11 22 May 23
Very happy with the prompt and professional tree removal provided.

frequently asked questions

What trees can be legally removed from private properties?

In general, trees on private property that are sick, dying, or pose a danger are usually permitted to be removed with approval from the local council. However, the specifics of tree protection laws vary across municipalities. It is advisable to consult local tree removal in Murrumbateman, as they have the expertise to navigate the specific guidelines set by the council in your area.

Indeed, stump grinding is crucial after tree removal. Tree stumps left behind can remain alive, inviting pests and diseases while their roots disrupt the surroundings. They can damage pavements, crack walls, and cause hindrance during construction. Removing stumps promptly is essential to prevent these issues from escalating.

Professional tree removal services are essential due to the inherent dangers and technical complexities involved in removing overgrown trees and vegetation. A tree service Murrumbateman demands training to do the removal with precision, a skilled team, proper insurance, and specialized equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. At O’Brien’s Tree Services, you get all of it in one place. Get our obligation free quote today by contacting us!

Generally, cutting down or damaging native trees on the Murrumbateman is prohibited. However, if a native tree is in poor condition or poses a danger to the community, you can submit a request to the council. If the tree is on your property, the board might approve your request under the condition that you replace it with another native tree. If the tree is not on your land, you can report it to the council, but you cannot carry out any removal works yourself.

Absolutely, pruning and lopping of trees are significantly different from each other. Pruning is done to enhance tree health and promote strength. In contrast, Lopping involves cuts made without consideration or skill, ultimately impeding its growth and vitality. Lopping is known to severely weaken trees and should be avoided.

Yes, it is possible under specific circumstances. Removing tree roots that are blocking pipes requires excavation and the installation of root barriers to prevent regrowth. Clear access to the area for the completion of this task is crucial. Additionally, roots can be pruned to prepare for the installation of underground pipes, provided there is adequate access available.



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