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O’Brien’s Tree Services, your trusted partner for expert tree removal solutions, is here! We offer top-notch tree-cutting and pruning services at budget-friendly rates, ensuring the preservation of your town’s scenic beauty. Beyond simple tree removal Yass, we are committed to environmental conservation and community well-being through our services. Reach out to us today for a thorough tree assessment, soil analysis, and customized solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Experience the difference with O’Brien’s Tree Services Yass!

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Yass’s Arborist Professionals: Where Expertise Meets Nature

We at O’Brien’s Tree Services are 100% committed to adding to the beauty of Yass. Located 280 km south-west of Sydney, Yass – a riverside town, is renowned for its natural beauty and fascinating heritage. However, with such scenic beauty comes the responsibility of preserving it. That’s where we come in the picture! We strive to maintain the lush greenery and safety of the town through our professional tree removal, tree pruning, and stump grinding services.

Choose us without any second thoughts for an extensive list of services, from tree thinning to mulching, all designed with your individual requirements in mind. We, as experienced Arborists, recognize the urgency in critical situations, which is why we offer emergency tree services in Yass. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for expert guidance and top-quality tree removal Yass. Contact us promptly to benefit from our professional assistance.

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Our local tree service Yass, includes the following :

Get the Best Tree Removal Services

We are your ultimate specialists, ready to provide immediate expert help with stump grinding, wood splitting, or tree removal Yass. Contact us today to discover the array of services we offer.

See the Results: Before and After Our Professional Tree Care Services

Checkout our gallery of ‘Before and After’ pictures illustrating the evolution from unruly wilderness to meticulously manicured elegance. Witness firsthand the remarkable results yourself by choosing O’Brien’s Tree Service Yass for all your tree care needs.

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Why Choose Us ?

Best-In-Class Tools

Armed with high-quality tools and machinery, we tackle tree removal projects of any scale with speed and precision, ensuring a seamless operation.

Trusted Expertise

Our team consists of skilled arborists with extensive knowledge and experience in tree removal. Count on us for a service backed by years of expertise.

Licensed and Insured

We are licensed experts, and our services come with comprehensive insurance coverage. Rest assured, your property is protected, and you can trust us to handle the job safely.

Emergency Response

When urgent situations arise, rely on our emergency response team to address immediate tree removal needs, safeguarding your property and your loved ones.


Susan BallSusan Ball
04:38 24 Jun 23
Brett and team - I just want to pass on how pleased Rob and I were with the work yesterday when u removed the very large tree in our backyard in Curtin. The team were so professional courteous, safe and cleaned up afterwards. For what has been a roller coaster of an emotional time , as we did not want to lose the tree but could not risk our our safety , your team made the whole experience so much nicer. I would recommend you to anyone who asks us! Cheers..
Leigh GLeigh G
09:48 07 Jun 23
Appreciate the team's work, thanks heaps for cleaning up my tree. Great to deal with, thank you.
Sarah BarnesSarah Barnes
10:14 02 Jun 23
The team from O’Briens Tree Service have done two large tree removal jobs for us. Both times they have been prompt and professional. I was really impressed with the huge amount of work they got completed in one day.The price was very reasonable for the size of the job.Very easy to deal with. I would give them more than 5 stars if I could.Will have them back for any future tree work and will recommend them to any family or friends looking for tree services.
Nick EvansNick Evans
11:27 29 May 23
O'Briens tree services removed a large tree in my backyard. I was able to get a quote and have the work done quickly and to a high standard. They were friendly, professional and communicated well about the job. Thanks!
Jennifer MillerJennifer Miller
22:11 22 May 23
Very happy with the prompt and professional tree removal provided.

frequently asked questions

What sets O'Brien Tree Services apart in providing hedge trimming services in Yass?

O’Brien Tree Services stands out by offering a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs. Our highly skilled and experienced team has deep knowledge of local plant species, growth patterns, and pruning techniques. We are committed to excellence and can even provide maintenance plans to keep your outdoor spaces looking great year-round.

The primary purpose of our wood chipping services is to efficiently process trees and branches removed from your property into high-quality wood chips. These wood chips can be used in various ways to benefit your property and the environment. If and when required, we also provide tree removal Yass services.

For basic pruning, hand pruning shears with an anvil or scissor action are typically sufficient. Using the right tool is crucial to avoid damaging the plant. It is important to understand that negligibility while pruning can harm the plant and make it susceptible to diseases and insects. Lopping shears, hedge shears, and pruning saws may be necessary for larger or hedge bushes. At O’Brien’s Tree Services Yass, we prioritize using clean tools for all pruning tasks.

Cutting down or causing harm to native trees in the Yass region is generally prohibited. However, exceptions can be made if a native tree is in poor condition or poses a threat to the community. In such cases, you can request permission from the council. If the tree is on your property, the council might approve your request under the condition that you replant another native tree. If the tree is not on your land, you can report it to the council, but you are not authorized to carry out removal activities yourself.

Tree thinning and canopy lightening are crucial for tree safety because they reduce the risk associated with heavy limbs. Overcrowded and stressed branches can be more prone to breaking, posing hazards to property and personal safety. Thinning and lightening the canopy ensures a safer environment by mitigating these risks.

Time is of the essence during emergencies, and we prioritize swift response times. When you contact us for emergency tree services Yass, we dispatch our team promptly to assess the situation and create an immediate action plan. Our goal is to be on-site as soon as possible to safeguard your property.



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