When it comes to tree maintenance in Canberra, understanding the difference between tree lopping and pruning is essential. At O’Brien Trees, we’re here to answer your questions about these services and provide expert guidance.

Tree Lopping and Pruning in Canberra: What You Need to Know

Tree Lopping and Pruning in Canberra: What You Need to Know

Tree Lopping vs. Pruning: What’s the Difference?

Tree lopping aims to control a tree’s size, while pruning encourages healthy growth. In Canberra, tree lopping is regulated by the ACT Government and Evoenergy. O’Brien Trees offers both lopping and pruning services across Canberra.

Can Any Tree Be Lopped or Pruned?

Not every tree can be lopped or pruned freely. Trees listed on the ACT Tree Register or regulated by height require permission from City Services. We offer free advice on tree maintenance to ensure compliance with regulations.

Best Time for Tree Lopping and Pruning

In Canberra, tree lopping is ideally done during colder months when trees are dormant. However, urgent situations, like threats to safety or property, may require immediate action regardless of the season. Pruning timing varies by tree species and climate, so consulting with our experts is crucial.

Tree Growth and Species

Some native trees in Canberra, like the White Cedar, grow rapidly. It’s essential to select a mix of fast and slow-growing trees for your garden. Our team can help you choose suitable species and provide expert lopping and pruning services.

DIY Tree Care in Canberra

While homeowners can lop or prune trees, compliance with the ACT Tree Protection Act 2005 is necessary. For large trees or complex jobs, hiring a qualified arborist is advisable. O’Brien Trees understands local regulations and has the right equipment for the job.

Green Waste Disposal

Disposing of tree branches and foliage in Canberra requires compliance with ACT Government regulations. Our team handles green waste responsibly, ensuring it’s disposed of properly. We also offer stump grinding and mulching services for complete tree care.

For expert tree lopping and pruning services in Canberra, trust O’Brien Trees. We’re committed to keeping your trees healthy and your property safe. Contact us today for professional tree maintenance solutions.