Removing trees in Canberra comes with regulations and considerations to ensure both safety and compliance with local laws. At O’Briens Tree Services, we understand the importance of adhering to these regulations while providing efficient and reliable tree removal services. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about tree removal in Canberra, including council regulations, permits, costs, and how to navigate the process seamlessly with O’Briens Tree Services by your side.

Tree removal Canberra regulators

Understanding Canberra Council Regulations

Canberra Council imposes regulations on tree removal to preserve the city’s greenery and ensure public safety. Generally, you can remove a tree without a council permit under specific conditions, including tree height, canopy width, and trunk circumference. However, trees listed on the significant tree register require council approval for removal.

Pruning Considerations

Similar regulations apply to tree pruning in Canberra. It’s essential to understand the rules outlined for tree removal, as they also apply to pruning activities.

Removing Public or Street Trees

Trees on public land or streets are under the jurisdiction of the council. To remove or prune these trees, you must submit a formal application detailing the reasons, such as posing a danger to the public or damaging private property. O’Briens Tree Services can assist you in preparing and submitting these applications.

Emergency Tree Removal Permits

In urgent situations where a tree poses an immediate risk to life or property, you can apply for an emergency tree removal permit. O’Briens Tree Services can help expedite this process to ensure swift action is taken to mitigate risks.

Average Cost of Tree Removal in CanberraCanberra tree removal services

Tree removal costs vary depending on factors such as tree size, location, and season. On average, Canberra residents can expect to pay around $879 for tree removal services, with prices ranging from $550 to $3500. O’Briens Tree Services offers competitive pricing and transparent quotes for all tree removal projects.

Contact Information for Canberra City Council

For inquiries regarding tree removal permits or regulations, you can contact the Canberra City Council via phone or visit their website for more information. O’Briens Tree Services is also available to assist with any queries or concerns you may have.

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