At O’Brien’s Tree Services, we offer high-quality tree removal services in Canberra at competitive prices. While affordability is essential, we never compromise on safety and expertise.

Safety First

Safety should always be the top priority for any tree removal service. Our experienced team follows strict safety protocols, ensuring safe climbing, equipment operation, and tree disassembly. Cutting corners on safety measures can lead to accidents and risks to property and lives.

Insurance Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage is indispensable in protecting against financial liabilities during tree removal. Beware of services offering cheap rates without adequate insurance, as the potential costs of accidents far outweigh any upfront savings.

Legal Compliance

Each council in Canberra has specific tree protection laws, violating which can result in hefty fines. Our team is well-versed in local regulations, ensuring legal compliance and expediting the approval process for tree removal permits.

Quality and Experience

Inexperienced or unqualified arborists pose significant risks, from incorrect diagnoses to improper techniques. Our qualified team provides expert advice, accurate diagnoses, and transparent pricing, ensuring quality results and preventing unforeseen expenses.

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At O’Brien’s Tree Services, we prioritise safety, maintain comprehensive insurance coverage, adhere to local laws, and boast experienced Canberra arborists. Trust us for affordable yet high-quality tree removal and pruning services in Canberra.

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Susan Ball

Brett and team – I just want to pass on how pleased Rob and I were with the work yesterday when u removed the very large tree in our backyard in Curtin. The team were so professional courteous, safe and cleaned up afterwards. For what has been a roller coaster of an emotional time , as we did not want to lose the tree but could not risk our our safety , your team made the whole experience so much nicer. I would recommend you to anyone who asks us! Cheers..