Tree Removal at Yass Golf Course: Making it Safe and functional

Tree Removal Yass Golf Course
Tree Removal Yass Golf Course

On a calm sunny morning, O’Brians Tree Services got to work at Yass Golf Course, removing a tree from the 7th hole to keep everyone safe and the place looking nice.

Working Around Nature

While there were ducks and rabbits enjoying the morning, we made sure to be careful as we worked. Even with people playing golf nearby, we managed to get the job done without bothering them.

Getting Rid of a Dangerous Tree

The tree we removed, a yellow box or Eucalyptus Melliodora, was becoming a hazard. It could have hurt golfers or damaged the property around it.

Using the Right Tools

To do the job right, we used our equipment, like the Avant 528 loader to move things, the Rayco RG50 Stump Grinder to deal with stumps, and the Bandit 1590 Brush Chipper to clean up. With these tools, we got the job done well.

Lunch Break at Yass Golf Club

After finishing our work, we treated ourselves to lunch at the Yass Golf Club. We recommend trying the massaman curry and a cold tap beer – it’s the perfect way to end a successful morning’s work.

Removing the tree at Yass Golf Course shows how O’Brians Tree Services cares about safety and keeping things looking good in our local community. With our hard work, good equipment, and focus on making customers happy, we’re the best choice for tree removal in Yass and beyond.


For any tree removal needs in Yass or surroundings, trust O’Brien Tree Services for reliable, safe, and professional solutions.

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